On finding the path to a career

Leaving the corporate world four years ago was my choice to pursue my passion and that’s dancing. Now that I have my daughter, working online and on my mid-30s, finding a stable source of income has proven to be my recent challenge.

It bothers me that as I grow older, jobs are getting harder to come by.

Although a part of me wants to just go into a business venture, I still need capital to get it started.

I don’t know. I’m just feeling quite down about the whole career thing.

I miss working in the office slash corporate world. However, I’m hoping that I won’t get sucked back into a sales related job. I’m thinking more of administrative, secretarial or training. I’m so not into the climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. Although I know I’ll always give my 110% performance, I want a new environment.

Later on, I can then start my own business.

I don’t know. I’m just ranting here. Not much I can do after interviews and forwarded applications. Sigh.

Lord, please help me on this. I just feel so damn lost now.

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