Business As Usual

I currently have two businesses. One is for my dance classes and the other is a multi-level marketing venture on prepaid load. Both are not doing as well as I hoped. On my dance classes, I realized that I need to invest on Leaflet Delivery and distribution. I’m practically unknown here in my hometown when it comes to teaching dance. So now, I’m searching for the best place that can give me reasonable pricing for leaflets.

The other business requires me to give presentations to new prospects. Unfortunately, my time is all topsy-turvy. I have the graveyard shift and I need sleep to cope up with my daughter who’s awake during the day. Ah yah, good luck to me. So sacrifices have to be made.

Despite all of these, I am grateful that I still have my health, a new job I’m slowly getting the hang of and I have time for the best thing that ever happened to me, my daughter Heaven.

Thank you, Lord for everything!

My Non-existent Social Life and Love Life

My current status of being single came to be the topic of the week. I found out that some people find it odd that I don’t have a boyfriend or a husband yet.

Here’s why:

  1. I don’t meet anybody new.
  2. The places I go would be the dance studio, my relatives’ homes and shopping malls.
  3. No one asks me out.
  4. If someone does, they are not single so obviously, I decline going out with them.
  5. I’m partially scared to start dating again.

So I tell myself that maybe God has other plans for me and yes, the right man will find me. I still believe in falling in love and happily ever after. But they all think that I should start dating again to get that dream.

Yeah, I really should.

Taking a break

The last two weeks, I took a break from everything and just decided to go bumming. I stocked up on NCIS and simply danced and played with my daughter.

It was nice.

My bestfriend arrived yesterday and that made it even better.

I’m feeling refreshed and lazy at the same time. And I’m looking forward to get back to work.

Need to earn a lot for my September trip.

The best present was to learn that my sister Anna is now in complete remission from her cancer. This is the bestest news ever! Thank you, Lord!

On finding the path to a career

Leaving the corporate world four years ago was my choice to pursue my passion and that’s dancing. Now that I have my daughter, working online and on my mid-30s, finding a stable source of income has proven to be my recent challenge.

It bothers me that as I grow older, jobs are getting harder to come by.

Although a part of me wants to just go into a business venture, I still need capital to get it started.

I don’t know. I’m just feeling quite down about the whole career thing.

I miss working in the office slash corporate world. However, I’m hoping that I won’t get sucked back into a sales related job. I’m thinking more of administrative, secretarial or training. I’m so not into the climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. Although I know I’ll always give my 110% performance, I want a new environment.

Later on, I can then start my own business.

I don’t know. I’m just ranting here. Not much I can do after interviews and forwarded applications. Sigh.

Lord, please help me on this. I just feel so damn lost now.