How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Finale

It has been ages since I wrote here. I’m up to my neck with work and frankly, lost the time to just blog. Anyhow, I already finished the season 6 of one of my fave tv series since Friends, How I Met Your Mother.

The final episode was a true cliffhanger. I always loved the Robin-Barney tandem. I find them amazing together. I didn’t like Nora so much. Maybe because she’s too perfect for Barney.

Anyhow, I wish that Barney ends up with Robin.

I’m also looking forward to Lily and Marshall’s baby. Plus Ted‘s finally introducing THE mother on Season 7. Well, I do hope so although I read somewhere that the final season will be Season 8.

Are you a fan of HIMYM, too?

Hey Tumblr!

I wish there was a way you can categorize the blogs you follow on your dashboard.

I want to just click on a list I made to get related updates. For example, a list of my friends’ blogs, a list of writer blogs and another list for photoblogs.

Please, Tumblr? Is this possible?

Kid’s Praise Songs

Dearest Heaven,

My childhood was wonderful and mainly it’s because of the songs from the Kid’s Praise albums. My cousins (your godparents, aunts and uncles) and I love singing and dancing to the different songs introduced to us by Psalty, the singing blue songbook.

So now, I’ll be introducing you to the songs that I hope will influence you and guide you to be a good girl when you grow up.

From the first album, here’s a song about animals and how God makes you special. Click this.