How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Finale

It has been ages since I wrote here. I’m up to my neck with work and frankly, lost the time to just blog. Anyhow, I already finished the season 6 of one of my fave tv series since Friends, How I Met Your Mother.

The final episode was a true cliffhanger. I always loved the Robin-Barney tandem. I find them amazing together. I didn’t like Nora so much. Maybe because she’s too perfect for Barney.

Anyhow, I wish that Barney ends up with Robin.

I’m also looking forward to Lily and Marshall’s baby. Plus Ted‘s finally introducing THE mother on Season 7. Well, I do hope so although I read somewhere that the final season will be Season 8.

Are you a fan of HIMYM, too?

Hey Tumblr!

I wish there was a way you can categorize the blogs you follow on your dashboard.

I want to just click on a list I made to get related updates. For example, a list of my friends’ blogs, a list of writer blogs and another list for photoblogs.

Please, Tumblr? Is this possible?