Give Hope for ALL

 My sister Anna, finally succumbed to have chemotherapy as treatment for her ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). I prayed really hard that she will have a successful administration of meds and God answered my prayers. The one thing I fervently asked was for her not to experience any side effects of the chemotherapy.

God is truly great because my sister finished her therapy and with God’s grace, she didn’t throw up or got nauseated. She only got hungry. I’m so relieved.

For this month, her treatment will be weekly and then later on, it will become monthly. To help sustain the costs of her hospitalization and medicines, we are selling raffle tickets at 100 pesos only. The proceeds will be for my sister’s ongoing treatment.


I hope that you can share whatever amount for her. If you’re located in Manila, you can buy the tickets from my sister Anna. I will be updating this post on the exact contact details.

Thank you and may God return your generosity a hundred times over.




  1. I’ll post this article and your previous one – “on Cancer” in the EPCALM website under Patient Journals. Links to this blog will also be shown. Is this OK with you?


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