It’s sometimes quite difficult for me to simply be still. I wish i could just be, youi know.
Do forgive for the typo errors coz i’m writing on an ipad right now.
I totally find this gadget poor of use.
Or i simply don’t like using it.

While everyone is outside singingsa and partying, i’m here inside the room with my sleeping daughter.
Fthis is totally fine with me.
I love having my alone time. I hardly get it now.

Well, i don’t really count those times when i’m working.
I’m not exactly alone then.
I have the vampire mosquitos to keep me company.

Speaking of which, i watched two episodes of the Vampire Diaries earlier.
It was great.
I also watched Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.
Loved the movie. It was simple and the effects are aawesome.

I want to write some more. Actuaflly, i want to write on my other blogs. Update them and stuff but since i’m using the ipad, all my posts will end up with errors and shit. Crappy.

Oh and can i just say that i had a perm?
I will upload a new pic soon.

Hmmm…i’m really just rambling here.
Who cares, right?


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