Share the Love!


 Ever since my sister Anna was diagnosed with ALL, I have been quite conscious that there’s not much spotlight on this aggressive condition. EPCALM or the Erwin Piedad Cabanag Adult Leukemia Memorial is only one of the few non-profit organizations that caters to adult leukemia patients.


I’m writing about them because I would like to seek for your assistance in any way possible. Feel free to visit EPCALM’s website or add them on Facebook.

We have also contacted them and forwarded my sister’s case. We sought their assistance against this fight for my sister’s condition. I’ll update my blog soon when the article about Anna comes out. For the meantime, here is Arlene’s story. Please extend your help to her as well.

May God bless you!

2 thoughts on “Share the Love!

  1. Good PM. Would you be interested to maintain a “journal” of Anna’s journey through Leukemia, which we will post in our EPCALM website? We have one on-going “journal” from an actual leukemia patient/survivor – Maria Ella Cabanlet, and was wondering if a journal could be kept also from the point of view of a family member. your article entitled “On Cancer” is a good candidate.


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