When You Walk In My Shoes

It’s nothing extraordinary
It’s nothing special
Only when I witness something so silly
It just feels crucial
I always try to make you see things my way
You also try to follow
But there are times I don’t see your effort
and there are times when your way I have to borrow
You’re just a little child
But from you I learned something
My point of view is not always right
Following all I say is not everything
You may have come from me
But you’re so much more
You’re strong-willed and brave
You’re the one I’ll always adore.
When you walk in my shoes
I know what I should do
Do my best to become a better parent
As I try to walk in your shoes, too.


  1. Hihi, she's so big already! I remember she wasn't even walking yet when I took her photos! And she gained weight too! The good kind of weight šŸ˜‰


  2. Thanks Niniey! She is very active now. Sweats a lot!Koryn, I know. I'm thankful she's healthy. She doesn't really eat that much yet because I'm still breastfeeding her. It's so difficult to wean her.


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