Hey Diddle Diddle

This is definitely one of your favorite songs to dance to, Labyu.
I’m so happy that I finally got to upload this here. Blogger was giving me such a hard time last week.

Babyspeak updates:

dodo – breastfeeding time
watch – dvd time
eat – foodie
kish – kiss
hawa! – go away!

You are so smart, Beb. You know how to pick up things and return things from where you got theme. Although, you still hardly listen to me when I call your name. but you do now speak better when we ask you what’s your name.

I love you!

Strike A Pose!

Last weekend, we performed at Gil Macaibay’s Fashion show (Lim Ket Kai mall). Style ‘N Motion showcased 10 models with the artistic styling of Jojo and Ryan (senior stylists).

It was a fun show that ran for an hour. I didn’t get to stay for the afterparty but I heard it was a blast. We danced to Madonna’s “Get Into The Groove”. The theme of the fashion show was Madonna so you had songs like Vogue, Like A Virgin, Material Girl and La Isla Bonita and models doing the catwalk to them.

I do wish we were able to perform more than a minute. This is our next project. Hopefully we can mount up a talent show by August.

My ‘Madonna’ look by junior stylist Arnold

By the way, regarding the Latin Fusion dance class, I will soon be letting our other dance instructor, Roxanne, to take over my class. I did my best to manage going to the studio everyday but with my daughter becoming more active each day, I’m starting to feel too tired to do other tasks I’m supposed to accomplish in a day. Not to worry, though. This change will take effect on May.

Until then, let’s all keep on dancing! Happy Easter, everyone!

The Weaning Formula

Dear Heaven,

The title is misleading. For one thing, you haven’t really stopped drinking milk from me. The good news is you are now slowly liking the idea of drinking formula from the glass with the use of a teaspoon.

Here’s a video of how you do it:

Aside from learning how to say “buy” when you want to buy something or simply want to go out of the house and walk outside to the store, you can now say your name when asked, “What’s your name?”

Unfortunately, you answer:


Love you always, Beb!


Sleeping beside her boyfriend, the girl dreamed that she was walking in a corridor. It was dark but at the end of the hallway, she saw that there was a door with light brimming from within. She walked faster because of fear. It seemed as if the walls around her had a life of its own, breathing cold air that seemed to touch her bare arms.

For every step, the corridor grew at least a foot, making the door smaller and smaller. She walked faster but the hallway seemed to lengthen as…