My Weight Loss Secret Snack Revealed!

This is it. I have lost 4 kilos and have noticed that my stomach is getting back in shape! I’m ecstatic over the progress I have made because I didn’t even change my eating habits.

My daily menu is actually quite simple. Breakfast is all about bread and whatever is on hand. It can be eggs, peanut butter, butter, corned beef or sardines. I drink juice, Milo or iced coffee. My lunch is when I eat rice. When I took on this mission to lose excess weight, I ate only 1 cup of rice and big amounts of viand like fish, vegetables and meat. However, now that I’m dancing 6 days a week, my rice is back to 1 1/2 or 2 cups. It depends on how hungry I am. But if you really want to see your weight go down, stick to 1 cup of rice for lunch.

Finally, dinner is also bread. I eat wheat bread often. I’m going for more fiber than starch. My dinner is similar to my breakfast. Sometimes, I have hotdogs, luncheon meat, meatloaf or ham with cheese and egg to go with the bread. I also allow myself to drink soft drinks occasionally.

I know it may seem like I’m not eating enough to give me energy to take care of my daughter Heaven, play with her, dance and work at night but I have a secret weapon. When it comes to snacking, I munch on Kiamoy or Plums. Yes, these are fruits rich with antioxidants and they curb my appetite to eat anything more. Because of them I can eat whatever I want anytime I want in between, too like Ice cream, chocolates, fruit snacks or chips!


So if you want to lose weight, try to eat a pomelo for snacks during the day or grab a pack of Kiamoy and Plum Negro. You can get them at SM for P13.75 (kiamoy) and P10.75 (plums) per pack under the brand Nice Foods.

Don’t forget to include dancing in the mix! Go now and get fit!

2 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Secret Snack Revealed!

  1. Hey Mer! This is great! And I love the fact that you're not starving yourself to death.:-)I'm not particularly fond of Kiamoy (but I'll try to check out that brand you have) so what I do is eat a fruit 30 mins. before I eat any meal. These days my meals got tons of veggies in it. From time to time I do give in to chocolates and fastfood of course but I think the thing that will really help one lose weight is exercise like dancing in your case.How I wish you're here or I'm there so I can take dancing lessons from you and be as sexy as you. But it's a thought, right? I might just live there for a month one of these days. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Thanks Jen! I know, gone are the days when I don't eat anything just to get thin. I'm doing my best to stay healthy and fit. With what happened to my sister, health becomes a priority now more than ever.I do wish you're also here. You would like the classes. And if you do get to stay here in CDO for a moth, that would be a blast!


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