March 12, 2011

On Ash Wednesday, I experienced a memorable jeepney ride on my way to the dance studio for a bellydance class. I only realized that it was Ash Wednesday after I passed by the San Agustin Cathedral and saw people with ash on their forehead. But that was not what made the jeepney ride memorable. It was the man I sat beside with on that jeepney ride.ย 

When I came inside the jeepney, this man dressed in formal attire with clean black shoes, a small bag and a Bible, was sharing the Word of God to the passengers. I sat down beside him and was drawn to him. He was talking in our dialect (Cebuano) and he was talking fast. Despite of that, I understood his every word.

He reminded all of us that we are all sinners. He also stressed the fact that hell exists and if we donโ€™t repent on our sinful ways and accept Jesus Christ as our savior, our souls are doomed to spend eternity in hell. He asks that each one of us pray and do our best to avoid temptation. Over and over, he asks that we accept Jesus into our lives.

I don’t know if anyone on the jeepney was listening as I was but he really made an impact on me. Here is someone who has tried marijuana to get through life and gave it up. He turned over a new leaf, found the Lord and now spreads the Good News without asking for anything in return. He is humble enough to pray for all of us in the jeepney for a safe journey, for all our sins and for God’s blessing.

As the jeepney arrived at the San Agustin Cathedral, he asked if I can pass his fare as well as that of his wife and kids. I took the money and passed it to the driver. He looked at me and said, “Thank you.”

I looked at him and said, “No, thank you. Thank you for your words.”

He smiled at me and I smiled back. Honestly, I felt so blessed to have met him because there are times when I feel like no one cares or Jesus may have forgotten me. After that jeepney ride, I know that He thinks of me and knows how much I need His presence.

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