Love is in the Air


Love, love, love…My song for this year’s Valentine is “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles. Truly appropriate since I want nothing more than love. Love for my family, love for my passion and love for life.

Just recently, I was discussing how each love relationships differ with my cousins Jessa and MJ. All the while, it also helped me realize how my views on love changed. Before I was, “How can I make my boyfriend happy?” This resulted to me doing all that I can to make him happy, happy enough to stay in our relationship. This style of loving is nearly heartbreak free if your partner is also be thinking and acting the same way. If you’re the only one doing this, then there’s trouble. When you’re in love, you expect sacrifices and you accept that your loved one is not perfect, but there’s a tendency that you start letting the other person walk all over you. When you start to lose yourself, I think that’s when you begin losing your relationship.

The old me was pretty much a stubborn gal. Even if the relationship was doomed from the start, I would do my best to champion its cause and hope for the best. Although disastrous results left me broken-hearted, it’s a lesson I know I had to learn.

Today, I think I’m still that stubborn gal but hopefully wiser. I am definitely more cautious now.

My Valentine’s Day celebration was a simple mall date with my daughter and my parents. We had ice cream, siomai, chao fan and chocolates. If I had a beau, I think it would go much about the same way. He should also spend the day of hearts with his family. Then maybe the following day, he can take me out on a date.

I hope your Valentine’s day was good.

Love is really all we need.



  1. agay! OP kau ning comment ni Chandler oh!! hahahah anyway I just read this blog post! I’m just so happy for you and Heaven. I guess for now, that is what really matters most. I have a feeling that you will be like Tita I, ehehehe it all went out really beautifully in God’s perfect time, dba? anyway I hope you will really be successful here in our country and won’t be needing to go abroad.. for sure if you love what you’re doing, you will succeed on it no matter what. 🙂 kudos mng! love you!


  2. Mj, I love you back!!! I do wish you can also join us for our dancing. 🙂
    ChandlerNelda, thank you for the comment.
    Jet, I agree with you. I also pray I don’t need to go abroad to provide well for Heaven. More power to us for both our endeavors in dancing.


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