A Super Week

The week that was can only be described as “super”. Super fun dance classes, super sweat (goodbye fats!), there many ladies who attended the free trial classes and it was also super effort on my part not to get sick. Yes, I have this awful cough which I have been nursing back to health but I think has relatively gone worse.

Still, I am thankful because overall, I think my effort to get students to join the classes we are offering at Style ‘N Motion will pay off soon.

After the class picture!
So here I am with my cousins and other students. I’m extremely happy that all those belly shaking, dancing and more is evident. Jessa and I are really losing those excess body weight! What’s even more nice is that we don’t even have to go on a diet. My appetite is just as huge. All I really need was to dance. 
Anyway, I was able to find a video of myself in 2008 when I made some choreography for Superhuman by Chris Brown. Enjoy!