Scared of Letting Go

Dear Heaven,

You are now on the verge of walking on your own. It’s a scary time for me because you have fallen down several times already. Still, the lesson her is learning how to get up on your own, back to your feet. Later on, you will know what this means on another level.

As much as love the progress you’re making, I’m actually scared of letting go of your hands. It amazes me how you even brush away my hand when I try to hold both of your hands. If possible, you want only to have one hand holding you as you walk.

For the past few months, you have been quite scared of sitting down on your own in your tub. Now, I’m having a hard time taking you away from all that water and soap. Changing you is now a challenge too. You have this naughty play of going to the farthest corner of the bed and simply staying there while I coax you to come closer so I can put some clothes on you. Yes, you imp!

You are now a huge Elmo fan. Thanks to your Ninang Gracielle and the cd “Kids Favorite Songs 2” from Sesame Street. Plus, you have a new Raggedy Ann doll from G-Ma, which you also adore.

I know that time will come when you’ll be up and running about, wreaking more havoc than you already have on stuff here at home, but for a few more weeks, can you just not try to walk away from me yet?

I love you, Beb.



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