Dark and Divine

It has been quite a while since I watched a dance movie (that I particularly enjoyed). If my memory serves me, the last movie I watched about dance was Step Up 3D. The Black Swan came coincidentally as I decided to start this blog.

This movie of ballet, passion, mental illness and suspense was exactly what I expected it to be. Dark and well-portrayed. Natalie Portman‘s performance was exquisite. Mila Kunis nailed her part and even Winona Ryder shone. The director Darren Aronofsky did a great job.

As for the plot, I expected it to be as it is. A story that reaches deep and turns everything inside out. Not only for ballet but in the overall sense of belonging to a dance company, you are bound to encounter one or more situations highlighted on the movie.

The theme of rivalry is present, especially when someone new joins the group. Deception, jealousy, kissing ass and drugs are only the tip of the iceberg. You have distorted view of body image, eating disorders and stress to name a few more. Yes, the world of dance is not entirely a perfect world but I think all dancers aim to achieve just that, perfection.

I’m glad that it garnered a nod from the Oscars but I’m still rooting for Inception because it’s a totally new concept and I’m a die-hard Leo DiCaprio fan.

Watch the Black Swan. It won’t really blow your mind but for a dance film, it’s superbly twisted and divine.



  1. Yeah! I so agree TWISTED and DIVINE! For Natalie's part, she was awesome as ever. I'm really a fan of hers. But for the story and all, nakakainis. Not my type! lol..I mean M'ng, you know me. I'm not a complicated person so I was expecting just a simple story with a simple twist. hehehe I felt sad that she was after all a psychopath (maganda pa naman siya). But definitely it was not a typical movie for me. Weird-an ko! But I'm pretty sure there are othere, like you, who really enjoyed this movie. =)


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