How To Make A Scrapbook


A scrapbook is something fairly easy to make. Although digital scrapbooking is quite popular now, I for one, is an avid scrapbooker, the old fashioned way. Working with my hands,designing my own layout, choosing what to put on the page, well, I enjoy doing all of those.

For wannabe scrapbookers, here’s how to make your first scrapbook:

1. Get a scrapbook. Bookstores now carry blank scrapbooks. You can slso make your own, you know. You can use cartolina, bond paper, poster paper, typewriting paper or any blank paper. You can even use a notebook. The beauty of having a scrapbook is customization. Since it is yours, you can do just about anything with it.

2. Choose a photo. I suggest that for your first time in scrapbooking, begin with one photo. Pick one that has significant value. This is fairly easy. You can choose a holiday, birthday, event or a simple memory.

3. Write a description. I use the term “description” loosely. You may want to use a poem to describe the photo or you can write one yourself. You can write a detailed note about the photo as well. This all depends on you.

4. Frame it. It’s quite easy to simply go wild and just have the photo and your caption mixed oroverlap. My advice is to apply some control. Placing your photo in a frame as well as your description can make your page come together and be easy to read. The aim here is to document a moment in time with the use of an image and your creativity.

5. Decorate it. Keep in mind that your photo will most likely have an overlying theme. For example, if the photo was taken on the beach, your scrapbook page should have decorative details like maybe sandcastles or seashells. Try to balance youir page, making sure that your add-ons are placed on the page to enhance the photo and your description, not to overpower them.

So that’s it. You now have your first scrapbook page. Continue to make more and fill those pages with memories.



  1. I like scrapbooks! I tried to turn my family album in to one…I just ran out of time. Ideas, I got plenty! Maybe I should come up with another one…a real one, just like my dad did.


  2. I didn’t know Lolo Love liked making scrapbooks. I have a scrapbook you can use. Hope you can start on it soon!


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