She heard his car pull over the driveway. She looked from the bedroom window and saw him get out of his car. He was alone. She didn’t really expect him to be.
In the kitchen, she saw him take a beer from the groceries he was carrying and drank it warm. He plopped himself down on the ratty sofa and watched him turn on the TV to watch the evening news.
She moved ever so quietly behind the chair as not to disturb anything. She waited and waited. He soon got bored with the news and changed the channel. Click. Click. Click. He turned the TV off and let out a heavy sigh. She wanted to touch him, to let him know she was right there. As she gingerly moved her trembling hand on his shoulder, he abruptly stood up and went upstairs to the bedroom. He didn’t even look to see that she was right behind him. That hurt a bit. It has been this way for so long now. As if he couldn’t see her. As if he couldn’t feel her.

She got hold of the beer bottle he left on the center table and threw it in a fit.
He came scrambling down the stairs and saw the mess she made.
“Come up to the room.” He said this heavily, hopelessly. This irked her more. She followed him up the room. He sat on the bed, with his head buried in his hands. She suddenly felt ashamed for being childish and immature. He was obviously tired. It has been a week. Only a week, she thought. Somehow it seemed so much longer than 7 days.
“I’m going to bed now.”
She nodded in defeat. What can he do anyway? Nothing. She can also do nothing. As he lay in bed, sleeping, she also tried to sleep but sleep does not come. She looked at his profile in the dark. How she wished he would move and hug her in the dark, just like before.
The incessant beep of his cellphone broke the silent reverie on their bed.
“Trey? This is Sean.”
“Hey, dude. What’s up?”
“Man, I’m sorry. Did I wake you up?”
“It’s okay, Sean.”
“Dude, I just got back. I just heard about Sheila. I’m really sorry, man.”
“Thanks. Thank you for calling.”
“Hey, if you want to meet up or something, just let me know, ok? How long has it been anyway?”
“A week, Sean. She’s been dead for a week now.”

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