Things To Achieve For 2011

2011. My new year’s day, January 1, 2011 was spent in the hospital where my daughter was admitted. She was diagnosed to have bronchial pneumonia. It’s pretty bad. She had a fever of 39.4 degree Celsius. Now on our second day, her fever is gone but she still has cough and colds.

In the emergency room, the nurses placed “New Year’s Resolution” but left it blank. It eventually got me into thinking of making this post of things I plan to accomplish for 2011.

My list includes the following:

  1. Save enough for me and Heaven before she starts going to school.
  2. Renew my PRC license. I need to do this for teaching positions.
  3. Teach in high school or college.
  4. Dance and lose weight.
  5. Manage my finances. I need to update everything. Bills, SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig.
  6. Write more songs, stories and poems.
  7. Go back to painting.
  8. Go back to photography.
  9. Go back to scrapbooking.
  10. Travel with Heaven. Even if we just go to Manila again or visit Cebu or Davao. I’m hoping we can go abroad when she’s 3 years old.

So there. I’m uploading this list on my blog so I will be reminded of the things I must achieve for this year. What about you? What’s your new year’s resolution? Let me know by leaving me a comment.


  1. Forget about Manila and Cebu. Those places are too darn polluted! We don’t want Heaven having another episode of Bronchial Pneumonia do we? Let us visit Davao sometime and we’ll drop by KK and Singapore. Who knows, it could be sooner than we planned.


  2. By the way, hold your horses! Don’t be in so much hurry…mistakes are bound to happen if you keep on going like you do. Take one day at a time…don’t worry…we’ll be fine!


  3. Thanks Dad. I know we’ll be fine. 🙂
    Nice naman sa Cebu ha. We go where the beaches are. Jen recently went there and se wrote in her blog na super nice. Siguro, we just avoid the city proper.
    Wait. I also want to go to Bohol. 🙂


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