Scared of Letting Go

Dear Heaven,

You are now on the verge of walking on your own. It’s a scary time for me because you have fallen down several times already. Still, the lesson her is learning how to get up on your own, back to your feet. Later on, you will know what this means on another level.

As much as love the progress you’re making, I’m actually scared of letting go of your hands. It amazes me how you even brush away my hand when I try to hold both of your hands. If possible, you want only to have one hand holding you as you walk.

For the past few months, you have been quite scared of sitting down on your own in your tub. Now, I’m having a hard time taking you away from all that water and soap. Changing you is now a challenge too. You have this naughty play of going to the farthest corner of the bed and simply staying there while I coax you to come closer so I can put some clothes on you. Yes, you imp!

You are now a huge Elmo fan. Thanks to your Ninang Gracielle and the cd “Kids Favorite Songs 2” from Sesame Street. Plus, you have a new Raggedy Ann doll from G-Ma, which you also adore.

I know that time will come when you’ll be up and running about, wreaking more havoc than you already have on stuff here at home, but for a few more weeks, can you just not try to walk away from me yet?

I love you, Beb.


Back to Bellydancing

The main purpose of this blog is to document my progress on becoming fit and healthy through dancing. To do this, I have ventured back into teaching dance. Last Saturday, I had my first class in bellydance and Zumba. I don’t particularly weigh that much but now I realized that the eyesore on my body is my belly. So, there will definitely more bellydance classes to come.

On a different note, I will be performing this Saturday. 2 Hawaiian dances for a birthday party with a Luau theme. In an effort to speed up the “losing my belly” agenda, I gave up eating rice.

Here’s a video of my first bellydance class at Style ‘N Motion.

So, what do you think? I do have a long way to go, right?

Dark and Divine

It has been quite a while since I watched a dance movie (that I particularly enjoyed). If my memory serves me, the last movie I watched about dance was Step Up 3D. The Black Swan came coincidentally as I decided to start this blog.

This movie of ballet, passion, mental illness and suspense was exactly what I expected it to be. Dark and well-portrayed. Natalie Portman‘s performance was exquisite. Mila Kunis nailed her part and even Winona Ryder shone. The director Darren Aronofsky did a great job.

As for the plot, I expected it to be as it is. A story that reaches deep and turns everything inside out. Not only for ballet but in the overall sense of belonging to a dance company, you are bound to encounter one or more situations highlighted on the movie.

The theme of rivalry is present, especially when someone new joins the group. Deception, jealousy, kissing ass and drugs are only the tip of the iceberg. You have distorted view of body image, eating disorders and stress to name a few more. Yes, the world of dance is not entirely a perfect world but I think all dancers aim to achieve just that, perfection.

I’m glad that it garnered a nod from the Oscars but I’m still rooting for Inception because it’s a totally new concept and I’m a die-hard Leo DiCaprio fan.

Watch the Black Swan. It won’t really blow your mind but for a dance film, it’s superbly twisted and divine.


Thanks to my cousin Jessa, I might possibly teach a class in bellydancing and latin fusion this coming Saturday, January 29, 2011 at Style N’ Motion. This is a new salon slash dance studio at Pabayo-Gomez Sts., Cagayan de Oro City.

I am super excited and I hope that it will push through. I am now looking for belly dance music we can use as well as some Thalia songs for the latin portion of our class. We will have a two-hour class.

In truth, I might make it into a Zumba class instead. Zumba combines four types of latin dance: the merengue, salsa, reggaeton and the cumbia. I’m personally familiar with the merengue, salsa and reggaeton, but the cumbia is new to me. So if I push through with Zumba, I have two days to learn how cumbia is danced.

Until here!

An Open Letter To My Grandmother

Dear Lola Love,

Hi. It’s me, your one and only Jingjing. I bet you didn’t see this coming, right? I know you know that someday I’ll be a mother but I’m pretty sure you thought I would end up with a husband, too. I think that I’m supposed to wait for him to look for me but in the meantime, I have your great-granddaughter Heaven to keep me company.

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5 Songs You Dedicate to Your Ex-Lovers

So I’m thinking of what list to make and somehow this seemed interesting enough. Had to search for songs with ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend themes. From Rihanna’s Take A Bow, Unfaithful and TLC’s Dear Lie, here are some of the best songs to remember cheating lovers and learning to move on:

JT’s Cry Me A River makes me want to dance. One of the best songs I heard from him ever since he went solo.

 The first song that came to my mind is actually Alanis Morisette’s You Ought To Know. All that anger wrapped up in one unforgettable beat. Classic.

 Kelly’s Since you’ve Been Gone follows the same angst as with You Ought To Know. Clarkson is a true blue American Idol.

 Destiny’s Child have always written songs that are PRO-Women. But not necessarily, ANTI-Men. Still, this song about surviving any break-up is a nice way of reminding everybody that there IS life after every separation.

Last but definitely not the least is Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. What more can I say?

Do you have songs to add to this list? What’s the one song you listened to after your break-up?

How To Make A Scrapbook


A scrapbook is something fairly easy to make. Although digital scrapbooking is quite popular now, I for one, is an avid scrapbooker, the old fashioned way. Working with my hands,designing my own layout, choosing what to put on the page, well, I enjoy doing all of those.

For wannabe scrapbookers, here’s how to make your first scrapbook:

1. Get a scrapbook. Bookstores now carry blank scrapbooks. You can slso make your own, you know. You can use cartolina, bond paper, poster paper, typewriting paper or any blank paper. You can even use a notebook. The beauty of having a scrapbook is customization. Since it is yours, you can do just about anything with it.

2. Choose a photo. I suggest that for your first time in scrapbooking, begin with one photo. Pick one that has significant value. This is fairly easy. You can choose a holiday, birthday, event or a simple memory.

3. Write a description. I use the term “description” loosely. You may want to use a poem to describe the photo or you can write one yourself. You can write a detailed note about the photo as well. This all depends on you.

4. Frame it. It’s quite easy to simply go wild and just have the photo and your caption mixed oroverlap. My advice is to apply some control. Placing your photo in a frame as well as your description can make your page come together and be easy to read. The aim here is to document a moment in time with the use of an image and your creativity.

5. Decorate it. Keep in mind that your photo will most likely have an overlying theme. For example, if the photo was taken on the beach, your scrapbook page should have decorative details like maybe sandcastles or seashells. Try to balance youir page, making sure that your add-ons are placed on the page to enhance the photo and your description, not to overpower them.

So that’s it. You now have your first scrapbook page. Continue to make more and fill those pages with memories.