Goodbye Complaints!

Heaven, my love,

How are you, Beb? Do you know that you are now doing your best on learning how to walk? The problem is that you hate it when we all try to hold your hands or put our hands under your arms so you won’t fall. It’s a scary time for me. I know you are brave enough to do it on your own but instead of walking a step or two, you run. This is what causes my mini heart attacks each time I let go of you.

As for now, I am up to my ears with work. You may have noticed but I have been a bit cranky for the past few days. It seems that one day is not enough for me to do everything there is to do around the house like laundry, washing dishes, sweeping the floor, attending to you and to my needs. I am forced to resign form one of my work online (effective on January 1, 2011) because I simply can’t manage my time anymore.

So that was me, complaining.

Then, I realize that what I’m doing is wrong. So I stop for a minute, take a deep breath, say a little prayer to God and decided to be thankful.

So here I am, thankful.

I am thankful that you are healthy. You’re not sick! Like no cough and colds or anything! I love it!
I am thankful that my employers are super understanding of our situation.
I am thankful that although I have to give up sleeping, my quality time with you is never sacrificed. I love you and yes, I love playing with you.
I am thankful that even after several falls, slips and bumps, you’re pushing on and doing your best to walk and run.
I am thankful that you are now partially open to drinking formula milk. 3 oz. in a day is quite an improvement from zero to 1 oz.
I am thankful that your appetite for food, life and laughter is huge (like mine).
I am thankful that in spite of my amateur way of disciplining you, you still love me.

This is a good list and I am thankful that you remind me of how lucky I am to have you in my life. So when you feel like complaining, Beb, stop yourself and count your blessings. Be thankful, love. I promise you, before you know it, everything will be just fine.

Loving you,


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