The U.K. Office Assistant Scam

Although I haven’t been given a full-blown confirmation that it’s a scam, but nearly everyone I know say that it could just be too good to be true. What gave away the scammers was the work permit fee they wanted to get from me within 48 hours of my agreement to the “job offer”.

I am just thankful that I didn’t send any money, that I know someone working in the U.K. Embassy in Manila and I have friends in U.K. who can verify the legitimacy of the company.

I found the job opening online (yes, the perils of online jobs) and applied for the position indicated. I received two positive responses that led me to answering online interviews, questionnaires and scanning of forms and documents. The work I applied for in Japan was pending (no feedback yet), while the one in U.K. immediately replied.

After forwarding the documents, they informed me to pay the 350 GBP fee to process my work permit visa. I went to the homepage of the UK embassy and it was indicated there that payment must be made through bank deposit or manager’s check. The company I’m applying for/the fake immigration officer said that I should pay through Western Union.

I have to admit, if you are excited to gain work abroad and to have your salary expectations met, you won’t really notice the inconsistencies but God is good. With my keen eye for details, I suddenly noticed several things like over the course of three days, I exchanged correspondence with 4 names.

Another thing is that the company has no website, whatsoever. I looked the company name in the UK area business directory and came up with nothing. Plus the emails form the company began to sound desperate and no longer professional.

So beware of this email confirmation:

This is an Affirmation that your Experiences and Qualifications where found suitably qualified for the requirements of Virgos Communication Ltd.

We have received your application which has passed through screening and was confirm suitable, you have been confirm capable of working with our company, we hereby present to you the soft copy of your appointment  letter which proofs that you have been employed to work with Virgos Communication Ltd. And we employ staff based on four core values namely Productivity, Talent, Ambitions and Character and we expect all our staff to exhibit these Core values.

The company management is pleased to offer you employment in the position of an Office Assistant.

We are eager to have you as part of our team. We foresee your potential skills as a valuable contribution to our company and clients.

As Office Assistant, you will be on a probation period of six months. Regular performance review will be conducted to assess your performance and suitability. Your continued employment at Virgos Communication Ltd is dependent on your successful completion of the probationary period. Your salary will be reviewed after a period of 6 months and thereafter every 12 months. You will be entitled to all allowances and benefits whatsoever decided by the management.

Your signing this form confirms your acceptance of the terms and conditions and that you would be joining our team on the given date.

You are required to send back a scanned copy of the appointment letter in the next 24 hour.

To further your application you are directed to contact the UK Immigration Bureau contact below for verification and obtaining of work permit entry clearance. Forward the signed appointment letter includes your cover letter in the body of your message.



P Syam Prasad.

HR Director for the Employee Selection Team,

Virgos Communication Ltd.

*** and this letter form the “UK BA HOME OFFICE

Immigration Direct has empowered thousands of immigrants to successfully prepare their U.K immigration applications.

We make it easy so you can do it yourself. You could work through UKBA forms and requirements on your own, but using Immigration Direct is easier, more accurate and less stressful.

The UK Border Agency is responsible for securing the UK border and controlling migration in the UK. We manage border control for the UK, enforcing immigration and customs regulations. We also consider applications for permission to enter or stay in the UK, and for citizenship and asylum.

The UK Border Agency is taking action against illegal migrants nationwide. Every week, our frontline officers are locating and removing migrants who flout the UK’s immigration law or pose a risk to the community.

Our service standards set out how quickly we aim to decide applications. For applications made in the UK under an employment route, the standard is that we will decide 75 per cent of applications within two weeks.

The UK has a proud tradition of providing a place of safety for genuine refugees. However, we are determined to refuse protection to those who do not need it, and will take steps to remove those who are found to have made false claims.

Asylum is protection given by a country to someone who is fleeing persecution in their own country. It is given under the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. To be recognised as a refugee, you must have left your country and be unable to go back because you have a well-founded fear of persecution.

The UK also adheres to the European Convention on Human Rights, which prevents us sending someone to a country where there is a real risk that they will be exposed to torture, or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

If you do not qualify for asylum but we think there are humanitarian or other reasons why we should allow you to stay in the UK, we may give you temporary permission to stay here.

In 2007, 19 out of every 100 people who applied for asylum were recognised as refugees and given asylum. Another nine out of every 100 who applied for asylum but did not qualify for refugee status were given permission to stay for humanitarian or other reasons. (At the time these figures were published, 17 in every 100 applications had not yet resulted in a final decision.)

Visa Applicant Name: xxxxxxxxxxxx.

This is in response to your application for the immediate clearance and assistance in acquiring and procuring a UK Visa Residential/Work Permit Papers as directed by the board management of your host company to enable you to migrate and work in United Kingdom, we hereby inform you that we received your letter of appointment. We believe that you have agreed with the terms and condition of the company whom appointed you as one of their worker.

We have been authorized by your host company for fast processing of your traveling documents directly from our Home Office so as to enable you to get your necessary traveling documents needed for your trip to work with there organization here  in UK at the earliest time as stipulated in your appointment letter.

New entry requirements are been phased in over the last two years as part of the UK residence and working permit scheme, UK Business Visa scheme and UK tourist and visiting scheme aimed at harmonizing documentation and immigration procedures across the world. These new entry clearance requirements will eventually affect all non-north American Area (NNAA) entering UK for more than six months. With the implementation of biometrics relate check we can provide visa applicants with assurance against identity fraud. The point based system gives applicants great clarity about their eligibility. Our work with commercial partner has enabled us to handle sharply increasing demand while also improving customer service. According to the resumption date in your Letter of Appointment which is quite close, We have decided to make the processing of your traveling documents direct from our head quarter here in united kingdom to avoid refusal or delay from our Local Embassy in your country, once we accomplished the processing of your traveling documents, all the original documents would be courier directly to the UK Embassy in your country for verification and stamping, once verified and stamped your documents shall be issued to you without any further interview and will he posted to your home delivery address given to us, the content of the parcel are: i)   Visa

ii)  3 years work permit code

iii) 3 years sealed international passport

iv)  Flight Ticket from your Employer

v)  Original copy of your Letter of Appointment

vi) A Year free reserved Accommodation Certificate by your Employer

vii) Employer Hand Book.

The board management of your host company declared to us that you have been told before now that they will not be responsible for your work permit fee and both party agreed with a signed agreement between you and the chief executive officer of the company, the management of your host company as already pay for your visa and flight ticket charges but left the work permit bill unpaid as its obligated on you based on writing agreement. hence you are required to finalize the processing fee amounting to Three Hundred and fifty British Pounds (£350.00GBP) and the payment should remitted with the below UKBA cashier information for immediate acknowledgement so we can finalize the processing of your traveling documents and send it to our local Embassy in your country for verification and stamping.



Above requirement must be submitted to us within 48 hours, as soon as the above requirements get to us we shall proceed with the processing of your confidential documents to use to travel down to the state to resume your new work immediately, and we shall be notifying you time to time to know the status of your application in our home office when your documents will be approved and when it will be ship out to our Local Embassy in your country for the stamping of your documents. Normally Visa processing take nothing less than 2-3 months before approval, due to the urgent vacant needed to be filled in your company we have adjust the implementation of our full biometric so you can meet up with your resumption date.




Before we can proceed with the processing of your work permit entry clearance you are required to go into any western union money transfer agent or bank in your country and make the payment of £350GBP through a transfer process with the payment information below and direct it to United Kingdom as the destination. You are required to get back to us with the neat scanned copy of the payment receipt along with your birth certificate and the filled up Employment VAF in the next 48hour failure to submit at the sublimated time given your application will be discarded.

First Name: Mrs.Morgan

Last Name: McKinley

Street Address: Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road

City: Croydon

State: Surrey

Zip Code: CR9 2BY

Country: United Kingdom

Text Question: To Whom

Answer: McKinley.

Bank wireless transfer was use as payment method in other to accelerate processing speed, so we implore you to comply with us and follow our protocol for the remittance to enable us to meet up with the processing time scheduled. As its known that we have lot of visa applicant all around the globe, we implore you to submit all requirements meant for the processing within the next 48hours to enable us to proceed on the processing of all your confidential documents to avoid delay or appointment default on the appointment date scheduled.

Mrs.Morgan is the official cashier appointed by the UKBA governmental department to take charge of all inward payment. After your payment had been confirmed and verified by her you will receive a notification stating that your payment had been received.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you were unable to provide details of your passport number for identification of your nationality, hence you are hereby required to get back to us with any of the below details:

a)      Number or Scan copy of National ID card.


b)      Scan copy of School ID card.


c)      Scan copy of working place ID card.


d)      Number or Scan copy of Drivers License.


e)      Social Security Number.

If you can produce any of the above requirements, will proceed on the processing of your traveling documents and an immediate other will be passed to the  DFA in your country for the immediate issuance of your international passport, as it’s urgently needed for the stamping of your Visa in our local embassy in your country after the finalization of your Work Permit Papers and Entry Clearance from our Home Office here in United Kingdom.

Best regard,

Passport and Visa,


Mr. Jerry Varghese.

So to all, be WARNED. Maybe it’s the holiday season and everyone needs money.Just be cautious and try not to fall into any scam traps out there. Thank you and God bless

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