I Knew

It was on our third date. You brought me home and you said that I did what girls do in that movie, Hitch. I tried to look for my keys. You took that for a sign. Then you did what the guys in the movie did. Leaned in 90% and waited for me to cover the 10% so we can kiss.

That was when I knew I loved you.

It was one afternoon, and we were just sitting and talking on a bench with people strolling about. I wanted to feel alive so you whispered something in my ear then blatantly licked it with such desire that my feet uncontrollably twitched in surprise and glee. I blushed and scolded you for being such a crazy fool because we were in a public place.

That was when I knew I wanted you.

It was one beautiful day and I called in sick to surprise you at home. I turned the knob to the bedroom and saw you in bed with her. You were kissing her ardently and she was writhing with passion. I turned around and silently left the house.

That was when I knew.



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