New Directions

So here I am, working, writing online and although I have uhm, two more articles to write, I simply needed this time to blog. I miss blogging for the sake of blogging. Although I have my own Tumblr account which allows me to do some microblogging, I simply miss taking some time to just write down my thoughts here.

As my previous post said, I have taken steps to a new direction and that is of becoming a supplier/wholesaler for diapers and other household products. I would have loved to start offmy new adventure by giving away Free Stuff but  for now, I’m still taking baby steps on this project.

Another step to a new road is actually a step back to an old one. I have gone back to dancing. Latin and bellydancing are now on my plate. Yes, I want to trim down and lost the post-pregnancy fats. I started this morning, a 30-minute workout which wiped me out. After I exercised, I simply flopped down on the bed with my daughter and slept until it was time for lunch. After lunch, I did some Latin dance workout and the same thing happened. I can’t believe that my body is that out of tone and stamina. So I am challenging myself to do better tomorrow.

Talking about baby steps, well, Heaven is now doing hers. She’s pushing chairs, cruising and trying to stand on her own two pretty feet. That’s added exercise for me since I have to be right beside her as she tries her best to master the skill of walking.

I have also decided that Heaven’s first birthday party theme would be Hello Kitty. I am hoping to find HK stuff that are cheap here for loot bags and decorations. I still don’t know what to give her for her first birthday. Something timeless is what I’m looking for. This is not exactly an easy criteria to work with. I guess, if there’s nothing I can find, maybe a ring. I don’t know.

But before all that, I still have my dad’s birthday to celebrate. It’s on the 17th. He will turn 60. I want to give him something special but I don’t know yet what it is. Help!

Just recently, my Saturday ladies meeting discussed about forgiveness and how it affects your life. If you keep grudges or anger, blessings from God can’t enter your life because they block the door of your heart. If you release them by forgiving the person or persons you hold your grudge or anger to, the door is opened. That’s the time more and more blessings from the Lord can enter your life.

This struck me in particular because there is that someone whom I was angry with for a while back. Somehow, I found the courage and took the first step in showing that I have forgiven him yesterday. Whatever happens afterwards is no longer in my control. I feel much better and more enlightened on seeing how bright my future is and how wonderful my life is now. God has blessed me more with Heaven in my life. Letting go of the anger was a welcome change that everyone should try to do.

I now end here and return to work. God is Great.


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