Cruisin’ with My Baby

Dearest Labyu,

You are now 11 months old and will soon have your first birthday. The past few days have been quite an adjustment on my part since I have noticed you are now more active. You love cruisin’ along the furniture, your new baby crib and pushing the plastic chair along. This also meant many spills, lots of “bog” moments which I abhor because you get bumps on your forehead. Totally unpretty to look at.

This coming November 16, we will have a photo shoot with Tito Joshua. Isn’t he just great? And of course, on the 17th, is Grandpa‘s birthday. I don’t know what we will get him but we will think of something nice.

You birthday party worries me a bit. I don’t know how many people will go but I’m hoping it will be less than 40 persons. My budget is only for 30 kids and 10 adults. However, I think I got too liberal with the invitations your Tita Chikki and Tita Monina made. I couldn’t help it. They were cute.

See? Aren’t they just adorable? But not as adorable as you!

Anyhow, G-MA, Tita Chikki and me started this new business called the Diaper Avenue. Basically, we are the wholesaler who would be supplying retailers for the products we offer. We have baby diapers, adult diapers and other home items for sale. I am working hard to make this venture a success and hopefully, help other moms like me who want to earn a little income.

Until here, my Beb. I work now. I love you very very much, Heaven.


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