Babies go where?

Now that my daughter is 11 months old, I have practically dragged her in places where I should be. The main reason is because I can’t leave her with anybody at home. The times when I do that, both my parents should be there to look after her. If only one parent is around, babysitting would be an ordeal.

This prompted me to rate the places that babies are okay to bring and which are not.

Church– Not okay. Although the church welcomes everyone, your child will get restless and will make noise. They can be a distraction. I suggest simply having the child stay in a waiting area nearby.

Movie theater– Not okay. At first, I thought that babies were not allowed but I found out that they can be with you as long as you pay full price for the ticket. Aside from the unnecessary cost, the sound inside the movie house can damage your child’s hearing. Studies have shown that if the sound is 90 decibels or higher, this can be dangerous. Movies can have 130 decibels or higher sound effects. Plus, you have no idea who used the seat before you so, germs alert!

Mall– Okay. What are strollers for?Your baby can ride, see many things and even play at the mall. Malls are also now mandated to have a breastfeeding station to accommodate mothers who nurse their babies. You simply need to watch out what your baby can grab as you pass an aisle. Those speedy hands can cause damage.

Restaurant– Okay. Ask for a high-chair where you can strap your baby on and you get to eat. Give your child a toy or if like my daughter now who can eat solid foods, feed her too.

Wedding– Okay. But do check with the bride if children areย  welcome to attend. Some brides set up an area just for kids and babies.

Cemetery– Not okay.It is a public place where you will have a hard time in managing privacy. This means when you need to change diapers, breastfeed or put your child down to sleep.

So what do you think of my list? If you’re a new mom, do you have anything to add? Leave me a comment below.

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