Health is Wealth

Deaerest Beb,

The one thing I truly hate is when you get sick. It was only but a week ago when I was by your side, watching you have a hard time breathing because of a terrible cough and colds. We had to use a nebulizer so you can breathe easier. Here’s a photo of you with the oxygen mask:

You looked so fragile and sick. And now, I hear you coughing again. I blame the weather because it has been terrible but seriously, I am worried. I’m just glad that yesterday, when we had our Halloween party, you were feeling well. I planned that party just so you can wear your black and yellow gown from G-Ma. Here is a photo of us, we went as Plant VS. Zombies:

One highlight of my days with  you is that you are now getting bolder with standing up and walking. Although you did just fall and hit the back of your head on the floor ( I panicked and didn’t catch you on time), you are now doing half-tumbling positions like this:

You do this with your hands flat on the floor and now, you even do it with only one hand and you loet your head support the rest of your body. What makes it more amazing is that you play with me and say “Boo!” so I can see your face in between your legs like this:

So I now go back to lying beside you and I pray that you will get better soon. Remember that health is wealth. Bawal magkasakit kasi mahal ang gamot. hehehehehe….

My heart in your hands,

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