Mom Cop-Good Cop or Bad Cop?

As a new mom, I am constantly on the lookout on how I go about my parenting style. Am I too lenient? Am I too strict? Am I too lax? In my head, I have this switch that urges me to be “good cop” and let my parents become the “bad cops” when it comes to disciplining my daughter. Unfortunately, the original switch began to go against me and sudeenly, I’m always casted in the role of “bad cop” and my parents ended up smelling sweet as “good cops” to my daughter.

This is not a situation I like. Nowadays, I get paranoid and think that my daughter simply tolerates me because I give her milk and for anything else, she just reaches out for her grandparents. Frankly, I didn’t expect this kind of snubbing to hurt.

Right now, Heaven is sick and yes, she clings to me like a stamp on a letter but on days when she’s feeling okay, she tends to be more close to her grandparents. I put the blame on me since I hardly get to play with her because I’m working. Weekends are supposed to be “me” time, meaning my parents can look after my daughter full-time while I catch up on work and business. Now, I realized that my “me” time should be spent more with my daughter than just by myself, in front of the computer, working still.

Parenting is not easy. To be a good parent is even harder. I pray that God guides me to be a good mother because babies are a lot of work. It’s hard. I can say before that I’m an extremely patient person but now that I have Labyu, she showed me that patience is a hard virtue to learn. Some people won’t get this but I think a lot of parents would. Like they say, when you become a parent, you’re a whole new person. You’re literally in a situation you have never been before and although this parenting thing comes with tons of help books, advice and all, you are actually flying blind because everyone is unique and your child is not you.

Agree or disagree?