I Miss You Heaven

Hello there my beautiful niece Heaven Anthony!

How are you feeling today? This morning your Mommy told me that you are having a really bad cough. She was so worried about you and have you nebulized so you can breathe easily and to give you comfort. I think she also brought you to a new pedia because the old one was not that good. Hihihi. Well I hope that you are feeling better right now and that you can sleep comfortably tonight. I really miss you very much. Kuya Liam also misses you that much, when he sees kids like his age he’s really getting too excited to play with them. I think that he misses you because the two of you used to play with each other when you were here last month.

this post will be continued… šŸ˜‰

Your pressured Tita Echik šŸ™‚

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