October Plans

Halloween is just around the corner and this year, I took it upon myself to initiate a family event around this spooky occasion. October is also a month of birthdays for two of my uncles and one nephew. The main reason which sparked my interest to celebrate Halloween this year was simply because of this 50 peso dress my mom bought for my daughter. She said that it was nice for a costume. It was a black and yellow dress with sequins. If you think that she will be going as a bee, you’re wrong. My daughter will be going as a sunflower. I will be going as a zombie. We will be going as “Plants VS Zombies”.

Great news. My uncle has a new router and he gave us his old one. Now, I can have wifi connection for my laptop from my room without a LAN cable connected to it. I just need to buy an adapter, one that can change 110 volts to 220 volt output. We will also soon give up our Globe broadband service by next year. We will just keep the PLDT connection since we have a landline attached to it.

With everything going green and all, it’s high time we should go paper-less. In terms of greeting cards. You can try Hallmark or Blue Mountain. They have nice e-Cards which you can personalize and insert a family photo.

Just an odd thing I realized, Labyu is 10 months old on the 10th month of 2010. Hihihihi…cute, huh?

Until here…ciao!

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