2am and counting…

I have been remiss on updating my blog here. Honestly, I was so busy the past few weeks, I hardly have time to read or be alone by myself. It’s 2 in the morning and the clock is ticking. Any moment, my daughter can wake up and look for me. Or my parents will find out I’m still here in front of the computer when I should already be sleeping. I hope not. Now is the time for me.

Our trip to Manila was eventful. We went to many places and met so many people but not nearly enough. Our stay there was even extended due to Heaven’s health. Yes, her health really suffered when we were there. After we arrived back in CDO, she still got sick but no longer from cough and colds. It was a bacterial infection. Plus recently, her ears got irritated due to maybe a mosquito bite and she scratched it. My only consolation was that although there was some clear fluid like pus and swelling, she had no fever. The swelling subsided and now, I religiously wipe it with hydrogen peroxide to keep it clean. I do hope that the holes for her earrings will not close up.

I also found out that the reason breastfed babies often wake up more often in the middle of the night than those that are formula-fed was because breastmilk is faster to digest so they get hungry again more often. Which would explain why they call it on-demand feeding.

I am thinking of weaning Heaven soon. Next month, she will be 11 months and hopefully, will be willing to drink formula milk. But I honestly don’t like the idea of weaning her so soon. Aside from the obvious reason that formula milk is an added expense but the truth of the matter is, I like breastfeeding her. Her needing me in that way make me happy. I wonder if all breastfeeding moms felt this before they weaned off their babies?

Anyway, it’s time for me to rest. I will write again soon. This is a promise.


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