Finding Time

Dear Beb,

Nowadays, time to spend with you is much like Marlin trying to find Nemo. To me, it seems like I’m fighting the entire ocean to be with you. That ocean is work. For the past few days ever since you got better, I wake up, grab something to eat and then be in front of the computer to write. My breaks consist of bathing you and feeding you.

Now, I’m here while you’re in bed alone with pillows. Much as I want to slip beside you and the drift off to slumberland, work awaits me. I just want you to know that no matter how it may seem that my time with you is hurried, limited and short in a day, I’m always thinking of you.

Please try not to do any of you fake coughing. I get paranoid that you might come down with something. Besides, tomorrow, I’m bringing you with me to a dance practice. I taught this little girl to dance Tahitian for her talent show contest. I hope she wins. And hopefully, when you get older, you can dance with me.

Your sleepless mom,


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