While you sleep

Dearest Beb,

Hello. I’m taking a break from work to write to you. It’s amazing but you are now 10 months old! How time flies. I’m so happy that you are now fully recovered except for a minor cough. I’m also glad that your legs are much stronger now because you are standing up more often. 

Plus when you crawl, you try not to let your knees touch the floor. That’s really weird.

You are getting heavier already. Later, we will meet up with your Tita Koryn. Supposedly also with Ninang Jen but she has work. This Thursday, we fly back home to CDO already. It saddens me a bit because I know that you will miss G-Ma, Ninong Josh, Tita Echik, Kuya Liam and Tita Echong. I also know you will Kuya Koen, Tita Kats and Ninang Jen.

I am very thankful that we got to spend time with them. Hopefully, they can visit us next time in CDO.

Sleep well, Beb.

Your Mama,


One comment

  1. hello heavenie, i miss you already. i hope ur doing well back there at cdo with ur mama, grandpa, and grandma. take care always ok? be a good girl. :)i love you.ur tita echik 😀


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