Phone Tune Up

Today, I finally brought my cellphone for repair. It has been rendered useless after the battery ran out and somehow, the charger and the phone simply won’t work. I realized that the reason for it was that the port for my charger got rusty. The culprit was Heaven. She kept on eating and biting my phone when I was not looking.

I talked to the technician who was looking my phone over and after scraping off the rust away from my cellphone, I asked them to charge it. unfortunately, it still won’t charge. Finally, the technician discovered that my charger was busted. so I had to buy a new charger. I looked around the shop and decided that cell phone covers would do the trick to protect my phone from my daughter’s saliva and drool.

So I asked them if they have any covers for my unit unfortunately, they don’t have any so I went online and found this clear silicon case for my phone.

The microphone of my phone is still busted but for now, Im just glad that it can be used for the remaining days I’m here in Manila.

Now, I go back to work.


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