Thoughts of Ampa

Thoughts of Ampa


the day you came into this world
i ‘ve often said to myself “that Heaven is in my life!”
and again, let me shout out to the world…
miracles do happen and i have had my share
mom and dad seemed to be the biggest of them all
the family i am with spells it out even more
then came LOVE, the loves of my life…
your mom utters her love more than words
could express
this love is shared by the people close to her
much closer is you…Heaven.
you and your mom are one
with both your love you shine on us and envelope
us inside your heart and mind
we find solace and peace beyond human
comprehension and this is but the beginning…
In Heaven is everything. To be with Heaven
happiness is undefined and time just stands still
though we age or not with Heaven , I am young
again…we are young again.
Life starts with Heaven, my life.
I now possess the chance to restore and make my
life again…this time a much better life.
As in the beginning of time
God created the heavens and the earth.
The greatest miracle of all, He created one
especially for me. I have found bliss within
I am in heaven…I am with Heaven
and everything within this earth falls into place
to nourish and love Heaven as God preordains
so be it with me and Heaven.

There is a Heaven for everyone
pray that she comes on the appointed time
who knows when, where, how or why
I am sure when everything seems desperate
and lost, the road up ahead appears stormy and
rough, when not a spec of hope is within your
Open your heart and reach out
then you will know your heaven has come.

I heard it so many times in this song
” Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants
to go first…”
I have my Heaven and she has me
and as sure as i am writing now
I definitely want to go first
When ?
Only Heaven knows.


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