Monday Blues and Purple Hues

Today, I decided to turn this blog into my personal journal addressed to my daughter.

——— xxx———- xxx——— xxx———- xxx———- xxx———- xxx——— xxx———-

Dear Labyu,

We are here in Manila and this morning, we went to the doctor to have you checked. You have this awful cough and colds which scares me, a lot. For the past few nights, I hardly get any sleep because you keep on waking up to cough so hard and throw up all over me, the bed and even on G-Ma.

Now, I have you on antibiotics and other meds. The doctor did not say you have asthma but it was close to getting there because he actually specified you will feel better if we use a nebulizer on you. This is totally not sitting well on me because I want you to be a happy child without getting asthma attacks.

Asthma actually runs in our family. Your Tito MJ and Tita Jessa has them. G-Ma’s mother Mama also has it. So, there is that teensy weensy chance you might get it but I pray you won’t.

Right now, you are sleeping better and I do hope that that meds I gave you are working.

Do ge back your strength, Labyu. You actually lost weight due to this ailment. From 8.6 kgs, after three days, you are now 8.3kgs.

Your ever watchful Mama,

3 thoughts on “Monday Blues and Purple Hues

  1. Bengbeng Happy,I can see you are much better now than few days's just part of growing up..catching colds & cough & fever once in a while..just stay strong & healthy as I pray that you always be in the best of health..I Love you so much!!


  2. Hello Heaven Beautiful,As G-Ma said, we can see your much better right now than few days ago. And I am happy with that. πŸ™‚ Just always remind mommy with your vitamins okay? Always stay healthy and cute like you are right now. I know that you will always stay as good girl as you are. Always listening to your mommy. πŸ™‚ You know naman that I love you okay? :-)Love,Tita Echik


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