Writing in Manila

I have to be honest. I do more eating than writing here in Manila. I think i gained 10 lbs ever since I arrived last September 3. The amaing thing was that I expected Heaven to be crying all the time but instead, it was as if this was hime for her. She took to Manila instantly. Bonded over Starbucks, Heaven barely cried when family here carried her around.

This is Labyu, meeting her G-Ma for the first time at Market Market, Taguig.

This is Labyu with Kuya Liam, her only first cousin. Liam will be turning 1 this September 26. Yay! Plus Heavenalso has an invitation for another first birthday party of her cousin Sophia this Saturday on September 18. I’m like wow, my baby girl has dates here! While in CDO, we hardly go out except to the mall or to the Mallberry hotel where my dad performs.

Heaven’s FIRST Starbucks Frappucino (Java Chip-Grande) and my first Starbucks since 2008. I missed Starbucks.

We went to the Peninsula Hotel in Makat for Lunch Buffet. After a huge meal, here’s Heaven sleeping afterwards. This was also what everybody else wanted to do after the scrumptious meal. I had maki, lamb, roast beef, pasta, gelato, fondue, fried seafood rice, kani and some more. It was all good. Like I said, I’m slowly gaining weight here. Hihihihihi….

Now, I’m simply home. Working. And hopefully, I will get to blog some more because there’s more to come!

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