Time to Go on a Diet

Eight months after giving birth and my weight is anything but fit or back to normal. Although I have vowed to myself that I will get back in shape so that when I leave for Manila, I would be looking as if I haven’t given birth. I was wrong.


So I came across this site which I hope can help with my weight. What I’m looking for is a healthy weight loss diet. This website is quite new but has already informative articles you can browse when it comes to dieting. It also talked about options I can choose from when I begin to start my diet.


Honestly, I am often too tired to exercise. Sometimes, after working, I simply want to just lie down and be lazy. This attitude must change. I must learn to get moving and also pick the right foods to eat. Enough of the junk foods and other sugary treats I always gobble.


Here are some helpful hints from Fast Weight Loss Diet: For new moms like me who are either lazy or just can’t find the time to exercise, a good diet which can fit your lifestyle is a must. It also takes discipline and commitment to truly hit your goal of losing weight.

Blog break!

I am about to start working on two more articles and then I am free to sleep.

It’s only 11pm…I guess this means I’m making good time.

Thank God Heaven is asleep now.

By the way, she is now slobbering all over as her teeth is about to come out.

And she now says words like, “Apa”, “Mama” and “Baba”.