Post-Friday Post

It’s officially Saturday. My work is not yet done but i have decided to simply do some work over the weekend. Come Monday, I have a new assignment which I have to somehow cram into my daily schedule.

So much ahead of me…I have like 8 books on my shelf for reading pleasure. Six of them are romance novels while two of them are drama. I’m currently on Season 4 of ALIAS. Totally addictive to Sydny Bristow’s costume changes. And of course the spy lingo. My call sign? Do you even need to ask?

I love the fact that when agents meet a contact or another agent, they have like passwrd phrases are always ironic. The references to the weather, food or location was meant to be serious but when they do it, it’s just plain funny. By the way, Jack Bristow is the real Bad Ass in the cast. His character is awesome.

So now I have to stop. I hear my daughter and I’m sure she will notice I’m not beside her. So tomorrow, I look forward to work, dinner over a relative’s house because it’s fiesta and hopefully, sneak a blog post here and there in between my book reading.



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