Memory making Ideas

Here’s what new moms do often: capture every little thing her angel does. Clearly, I am no exception. I love taking photos of my daughter. To keep myself happy, in my Facebook account, I compile a per month picture set of her. So now I have 7 albums for each month of her age and a separate album for her christening.

Still, I want something even more visible than just online pictures. Here are a few suggestions that I know I will soon be doing with her.

  • Yearly Image- this is basically finding something permanent and accesible in your life where your child can take a photo there and can continue to do so until adulthood. For example, you take her to your local park and every year, you go back at the same spot where you first had the photo and soon, you’ll have a collection of her at the same spot in the park throughout the years.
  • Flower Power- Every year, let your child pick out a flower which you can keep in your garden. You can also encourage planting seeds as she grows older and teach her on how to take care of them.
  • Collector’s item- This does not have to be expensive but say every year, give your child a toy or something she loves. An example are fans of different kinds or umbrellas. It can even be anything unicorns or angels.
  • Blog it! – Start a journal online on your child’s accomplishments, new discoveries, latest likes and dislikes. You can set it on a per month basis, choosing a mmorable moment or if you have more time, do it on a daily basis.
  • Scrapbooks- this never goes out of style. You can begin one for her then later on, ask her to help you with the scrapbooking. Bonding time galore!

So there, I do hope you can have fun making more memories with your child as I know that I will with my Labyu.

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