Fever pitch

My daily routine has now become upside down. I normally try to work during daytime so I can have more time to spend with Heaven at night, but now, I tend to do all the household chores during the day and begin working after dinner. The disadvantage of this kind of set-up is sometimes, I get sleepy at night or I finish at 3am or 4am. Then my pretty daughter starts waking me up at 7am. So yeah, I do feel like a zombie.

For now, I take the time to write. It has been so long since I wrote…well, I miss it. Anyhow, I’m extremely thankful that despite my horrendous schedule, aching body, sleepless nights and even migraine-filled days, I’m alive to see Heaven everyday.

Just recently, I experienced my first fever with her. It started last Sunday afternoon until yesterday morning. With God’s grace, she is now fever-free! The doctor said that the most probable cause was bacterial infection due to her swollen larynx. She has been putting her finger inside her mouth lately (maybe she’s teething) and there are times when she might have touched something unclean. Unfortunately, as most parents know, babies have innocent and swift hands. Almost everything she finds or sees, she places inside her mouth. Sigh, it’s hard to watch what she touches all the time. The irony of it all was that ever since she got sick, she hated taking medicine. She recognizes that the dropper is filled with it and of course, the drops also smell strongly different. She has learned to close her mouth even when she cries. Yes, clever girl.

I resorted to mixing the medicine with water to hide the smell and color but my baby is not stupid. She recognizes the smell and will not sip from her cup at all. Argh. It was frustrating. So until now, I still struggle with her over it.

However, I am thankful that finally, the fever is gone. She turned 8 months yesterday and she now weighs 8.2 kg. I can’t believe how time flies. Wasn’t it only a few months back that she was a quiet and tiny baby but now she knows how to let you know when she’s unhappy, mad or simply annoyed. She’s also way more talkative and loud.

Life has its ups and downs for me but the constant thing is that my happiness simply lies on Heaven’s smile.


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