a random update

so here I am with my daughter, entertaining her as much as i can. i had to put off work since she gets cranky when i’m in front of the computer. however, now that i have my cute pink laptop, i can somehow juggle the playtime and the typing. yay me!

there’s just too many flies in the world. and mosquitoes. yes, i hate them equally because the mosquitoes kept on biting HEAVEN and the flies are just plain annoying. i did the laundry this morning, well half of Heaven’s clothes. my own clothes are starting to pile up and as much as i want to wash them, i can’t seem to find the time to do it. later on, after my pretty baby sleeps, i will cram to work.

i am also looking for additional work. one that’s part-time and requires me to send two articles per day only. am i reaching for the stars here? maybe but i know i’ll find work which will suit me. i also did my part of applying and sending my resumes and past articles. i am hoping that someone will soon hire me.

wow. this is my longest post in a long time. although it’s mostly mundane stuff, i’m glad to get it all off my chest.

right now, Heaven is starting to be quite the talker already. she loves playing with her saliva and does this thing which mimics the sound of a fart. yep, truly hilarious. her arms and legs are getting stronger because she is no longer afraid to attempt trying to sit up on her own from a lying down position. she’s 7 months and soon she will be 8 months old next week. how time flies.

on  my laptop, there’s only wordpad program. i guess for now it will do.

i just read julie garwood‘s prince charming and i loved it. i miss reading romantic novels. i’m now on the look out for other julie garwood novels. starting with “for the roses” series.

time to carry Heaven and maybe just put in a dvd to entertain her and myself. ciao!

Losing a job

The life of a work at home mom is full of many surprises and one of which would be unexpected things like losing a contract. Unexpected and unfortunate.

Still, I am hopeful and would like to think of this as a new opportunity for better paying jobs online to drop into my lap.

Admittedly though, I am feeling low about this. I have dialled the 08 numbers for God regarding this matter. Yes, He has a hotline number that is toll-free and you always get through at the first try. It’s the 08-PLSHELP-ME hotline and have also sent out an email to Him at GOD@heaven.com.

So now, I wait for His reply. Let’s face it, He’s extremely busy but He waits for the perfect moment to respond to what I need. For now, I wait patiently and browse through the classifieds for part-time work.

Cheer up and smile. This will all work out fine.