City highlights

Having my own home is something I’m saving up for. A nice place to live, where it is safe and clean. Currently, top of the best places to live is in Vienna. It sounds perfect. I would love to live there. It beckons of music, romance and art. Everything I love. However, if I set my sights on places here in the Philippines, there are several contenders.

Puerto Princesa is acclaimed to be the cleanest city in the archipelago. Marikina also holds the title cleanest and greenest place. Davao shines for being safest.

I currently live in the City of Golden Friendship and I’m glad to be here. With my family around, I feel safe and having my childhood spent frolicking in the valley where I play with my cousins and climb trees, I want that for my daughter. Although, I must admit that Manila beckons to me. It’s more of the places I get to travel in Luzon which makes it tempting to move there. I loved my adventures there. Boracay also calls my name.

Sigh, maybe when my daughter is a bit older, I can then ask her where she prefers to live. For now, I am happy to be home.

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