Back at square one

It was a blissful time. i am thankful I did have those days when we had our maid Shirley. Unfortunately, she had to go back to her hometown. Her mother have somehow found a way for her to get a scholarship so she can study college. We are all happy for her but we are now back to square one. No household help. Eek!

Oh well, I am praying that God will send us another angel in the house. For a while, we did love having someone else do the laundry for a change. So now, I am back to my regular house duties of laundry, dish washing and cleaning.

True enough, I am also back to blogging only over the weekends.

Yesterday, Labyu got to taste ice cream and if I was not putting my foot down, my dad would have given her Coke. Just because she can now begin to take solids, it doesn’t mean she can eat just about anything.

Although, we did make her eat some Cerelac and she liked it. Making babies eat food is as messy as they all warned you it would be. I had Cerelac on her chin, nose and eyebrows. Still, it was all good. I’m proud of her accomplishments. She can already roll over from back to tummy and back again.

This week, I did my Legend of the Seeker marathon only to find out that the season 2 dvd was not complete. Now, I have to go and find a complete dvd for it. But I liked the series. It’s too bad that it ends there. I’m looking forward on buying Fringe Season 2.

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