TBJ # 3

Sit up straight and always keep your head up.

Studies have shown that the more you do this, the more you feel confident and self-assured. Sitting up straight can actually not just improve your posture but also the way you see yourself.

Focus on your best qualities, improve and invest in them.

What a SMILE!

Well, I got inspired on my previous posts so as a follow up, I would like to share some pointers to help us all keep our wonderful smiles longer.

  • Brush and floss for less plaque build-up.
  • Instead of drinking sodas, juices which have lots of acids and sugars, opt for plain tea.
  • More folic acid for less bleeding gums
  • eat 1/4 cup of yogurt daily for probiotics that can help prevent gum disease

Happy Smiling, Everyone!


I recently joined a secret group of amazing women. We meet twice a month to ponder on things that matter most to us like faith, family and life. It is exactly what I need. I wanted to somehow find ways to grow spiritually and God has answered my prayers by leading me to them.

In relation to that, I am grateful to my cousin Jessa because she is unfailing in her trust in me. She has never faltered. I am blessed to have someone like her in my life.

With what we all face each day and the struggles we encounter, it is nice to have someone say they believe in you. I think it’s God’s way of letting us know that beyond our own perceptions on life, He has never stopped looking out for us.

I guess, when it comes to being faithful, God is the best model. He is always there for us even when we think He is not. I think, it’s only right that we become faithful to Him as well.