Baby powder is not for babies

I love baby powder. I love placing it on my body after I take a bath because I feel cooler and more refreshed. Which is why I was surprised to find out that baby powder is not good for babies.

The reason for this was that talc, the main ingredient of baby powder, is said to be dangerous when inhaled and can cause a range of ailments from cancer to asthma. I find this particularly reason quite unbelievable. However, with so much articles over this issue like here, here and here, I decided to put off placing baby powder on Labyu.

Maybe when she gets older, I can then use it on her but for now, on fear that there is a chance she might suffocate from inhaling it, I’ll put it off. The alternative was cornstarch powder (note that it is still in powder form and can still get inhaled by babies easily) as recommended by pediatricians and other moms.

I still prefere to use the petroleum jelly for any rash or bite on Labyu. So far, it works on her skin and smells like powder because some jelly has powderfresh scent.


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