Random post

 It has been humid the whole day and now, it finally rains. My work is done and I have this small window of opportunity to simply write.

Surprisingly, I realized that without the blackouts, I was able to do more work efficiently. This is great becuase it gives me time to play with Labyu. However, I noticed that her personality is now starting to show. She knows when to cry when she want to simply be held by me and she screams for anyone to carry her when she’s tired of simply sitting on her stroller.

I can’t believe that she’s becoming such a baby.

Anyhow, I know I’m supposed to feel okay that she hasn’t learned how to roll over on her own tummy but I’m worried. She does know how to pose for a picture though. Just don’t use the flash.

Word of caution:

I gave her vitamins today and then I gave her watermelon to suck. Unknowingly, she got to eat some of the watermelon’s slush. This led to a lot of vomit. It was gross. Note to self: No food except water after vitamins.

I think that’s the highlight of my day. I want to write something profound or unique but other than gushing on how much I love being with my daughter, I got nothing.

So this is just one of those random posts…goodnight, world!

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