Maternal Bond

It is often known to be the tie that binds a mother and her child. It is something innate. It doesn’t matter if you have a child through adoption or in other means. When the child recognizes you to be the mother, the bond begins. It is often strengthened with love, care and even through breastfeeding.

Heaven and I have this bond. It is wonderful and yet sometimes overwhelming. Maybe a tad bit annoying sometimes. Because when I need time to work and I already placed her in bed, she wakes up knowing I am not around. This happens a lot so I keep on lying beside her then after a bit, sneaking out to be at my computer and then go back to her again when she cries. It is giving me headaches.

I love my baby more than life itself but there are times when I wish she could sleep through the night, even if I’m not beside her.

Since she is almost always awake when I am awake, she keeps sleeping late, too. Her normal sleeping time is now at 12mn to 2am. This is making her chinky eyes smaller. Hehehehe…



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