Friends and friends

I used to think that making friends is easy but I realized that sometimes it was and sometimes it’s not. Keeping friends you made is even harder. Today, as I was giving in to my FB time, I realized how much I truly missed my friends. Staying at home all the time with only the TV, the PC and reading stuff as other companions besides my parents and my baby, I am existing in this coconut island which I made for myself. The only light in my coconut world is the internet. This is where I can somehow connect with the rest of the rest.

If only I do have the luxury of time to work and then find the time to relax then maybe I would be writing of more sunnier things. Sigh, I miss my friends. To be honest, the only time I get to be in touch with them is also only through the internet. I hardly use my cellphone. Yes, I am that busy.

Unfortunately, not all of them have blogs or FB accounts.

I just miss going out, having coffee with them, chitchatting and all the silly things we would do. Shopping, malling, watch a movie, videoke and others. I miss going to the beach with them and simply bask under the sun. I miss hearing their laughter, their stories of woe, wild and wonderful.

To my dear friends, if you do get to read this and I hope that you would, know that although we hardly ever chat online or send each other sms or hear each others’ voice over the phone, I’m still here and I miss you a lot.


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  1. i've lost bestfriends in the past. that's when i realized that maintaining friendship can be pretty much as complicated as having a relationship with a lover.


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