Laundry Time!

Ahh…the weekend. I totally dislike this. I can only get to write on the weekends. My whole week is full with work and Labyu. Anyhow, I did Labyu’s laundry today and mine as well. My verything hurts. I didn’t use the washing machine anymore because it takes too much time. So I did everything by hand.

By the way, can I just say that Ariel the detergent is really awesome with stains? Seriously, poopoo stains are like gone after I soak the cloth diaper in it overnight. It’s magic!

So what has been happening. Not much. I want to write some new posts and I will try to do so after this one. I am not feeling well. I feel nauseous. I already drank several tablets of paracetamol because I have a running fever which comes and goes. I am hoping it will go away soon. I just want to chill for the weekend.

I think we are going out later. I hope so. I want to buy some dvds. How I Met your Mother seasons 3 to 5, Ghost Whisperer Season 5 (maybe) and Supernatural season 5. I hope they have Eli Stone already. I liked that series.

Anyhow, life is good. I’m just exhausted. I know I’m overworking myself but it can’t be helped. Still, life is good. Have a gorgeous weekend, world!


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