Hot Summer Days

Yes, the hot summer days are here. Someone once said that I should be thankful that I’m not living in the Middle East. The weather is unbelievably warm. Seriously. I think I lost weight because of it.

Kudos to me because my waistline is now 31 inches! Yay!

To cool down the summer heat, I take a bath with the following essentials which I swear just makes bathing oh so nice.

Avon Naturals Mango and Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner is totally awesome. It smells so nice! Like bubblegum. And your hair will be so soft. I love it!

The Bath and Body Works Magnolia Blossom shower gel is heavenly! I love the way it lathers on my skin! After I take a bath, I feel I don’t need to put on lotion anymore.

So there, although I am sweating profusely, I look forward to taking my bath with these two products.

Due to my work, my blogging time is confined to weekends. Huhuhuhu, this saddens me a great deal. there are just moments in my life that I want to write down things and I can’t do that anymore. Makes me miss how it was before when I was living in an apartment. Sigh. Well, that’s life.

I am hoping that after this post, I can still write some more. I’m crossing my fingers, hoping my baby won’t wake up. Yes, this is definitely motherhood.


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