My Saturday Post

I โ™ฅ weekends!

Today, I got to do a lot of things and it’s only 2pm. I was able to cut Labyu’s nails while she was sleeping. Today is special becuase my stepmom gave her banana to eat. Well, she mashed a sliece of banana and made my baby taste it. Heaven did not really like it so much. But at least we got to use the baby spoon and fork set my mom sent me.

Tomorrow I will do my baby’s laundry because today was for our clothes.

I’m glad there was no blackout this morning but it only meant that tonight, there will be. Although the official press release was that the blackouts were due to shortage in power supply, most people believe that it is a precedent for the upcoming May elections wherein during the counting or voting, blackouts will happen all over the country and this would be venues for anomalies. I heard that some senators were requesting that aside from the automated counting of votes, there should be a parallel manual count but I think that idea was trashed.

Anyhow, I am just glad to get back into my own blogging mode. By the way, to all my readers, thank you for the helpful comments. I really appreciate them.


One thought on “My Saturday Post

  1. Hellloo Cheska! You gave birth already?? OH MY MAMA! I’m sure the baby’s an angel ๐Ÿ™‚ Missed being here. TC alllll waysssss โ™ฅ


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